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Five Minute Friday: Comfort

by Hayley James13/05/2013


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Another late five minute Friday post again today linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker.

5 minutes of writing on the given prompt. This weeks theme is 'comfort'. Here's my offering:

I once had a skirt, it was a lovely skirt – white, flowing, floor length, it was pretty and summery and it felt amazing to wear. I was comfortable in it, but it was more than that, I felt it reflected me completely and when I wore it I felt like me. You know that best version of yourself that you hope to be but only are on rare occasions. A friend noticed once and he said “you love that skirt don’t you?” and when I asked him why he asked he said when I wore it I was different, that I seemed to be more at home with myself, that I seemed to glow.

Does that sound silly?

I’m not sure I’m explaining it well.

This week thinking about comfort got me thinking about how I usually use the word – and so often it has a negative undertone - comfort food, comfort clothes... – not that these things are necessarily bad. However there’s often a sense of trying to suppress something or avoid something. Comfort food to make me feel better and overcome those bad feelings I’m having. Comfort clothes to hide away from the world. And whilst those things are meant to make me feel better, in reality they often make me feel worse.

For me comfort is about more than plastering over a situation. It’s about how I’m doing on the inside. It’s about feeling at home in my own skin, being at peace with who I am and reflecting that sense of oneness with myself to the world around me.

If I’m honest those times in my life are not as frequent as I would like them to be.

But when they come it’s like finally being able to breathe, deep and full.

That skirt, that white, long, flowing one, when I wore it, I felt that way. It was my comfort clothing.





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