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by Hayley James28/04/2013

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I'm a little late, but I'm linking up again with Lisa-Jo Baker today for five minute Friday. This week's theme is friend, so here's my contribution:


It’s a word I struggle to use.

What does it mean to be a friend?

What does it mean to have one?

Is it too presumptuous to call yourself one before someone asks you to be? Like calling yourself a girlfriend, when you've not actually had that conversation, and really you’re only dating.


It’s just a word and yet it encompasses so much.

I remember taking a trip to the river for my quiet time with God. I sat on the banks of the Mersey, watching the water flow by and felt God’s presence more clearly than most points of my life. And I felt Him say “I have called you friend”. My wonderful saviour called me a friend. In that moment, in that perfect instant, I felt peace. I felt as if I fit. I felt known and able to know. I felt loved and accepted and wanted, just for being me.

It was completely perfect and liberating and joy filled.

It’s something I long for more of. Not just in the eyes of my Saviour, but in the people I walk through life with. I long for friendships in which I can be me. Where I feel at peace, where I feel I fit, where I feel loved and able to love. And mostly where I can really know others and others can know me.




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