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by hayley_anne_james19/08/2009

so i have a new blog! i've been toying with the idea of writing one of these for a long time, and my techy husband eventually convinced me to start one. personally i think he is just fed up of me spouting my random ideas, youth work theories and theological reflections in his ear and wants me to find another outlet for my musings. whatever his intentions, i actually thought writing a blog would be a good idea, even if it does only provide me with a space to thrash out my thoughts. so this is what this blog is for and about. i will be using it to work through some of my thoughts around youth work, young people and the roles of those of us called youth workers. i will also be exploring some theology, especially how this relates to youth work, but also more broadly in the sense of how it impacts our lives. finally i will be commenting on the things i see, those things that make me stop and think, cause me to look at stuff from a different perspective or that i just think are especially cool. i hope this blog will reflect a little of who i am, but will also provide me with the space to develop some of what is running around inside my head. finally i hope this may be of use to you if you are reading it. and so, let the journey begin...


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