Hayley James


My name is Hayley, I'm somewhere in my late twenties, I'm married and I've got a wonderful toddler too.

I've been doing youth work for a while now and it's safe to say I'm pretty passionate about young people.

I love Jesus too.

And I love the Church.

And how the 3 come together really excites me.

I love to read and to be creative and to explore and think and grow. I hope I never stop, ever.

And I love being a mama. More than I could have ever possibly imagined. It really is the best job!!!

Welcome to my blog. This is where I'll explore holding all these things in tension, where I'll share a little of my heart and my life too. I'll also aim to link you up to others who are sharing encouraging and thought provoking ideas and you might just get to see some of my creative projects come to fruition. 

I hope you enjoy what's posted.

Be blessed.


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