Hayley James


by Hayley James12/04/2013

 It's Friday again, which means another five minute Friday post. 

The premise: write for 5 minutes on the given theme, then stop, no editing, changing or re-writing. Then post to your blog and link up with the other posters. There's more info here 

Today's stimulus is 'here'.

Here is my offering for this week...

My here.

My here is waking in our warm bed to find a curly haired toddler asleep between us.

My here is mornings of hot tea and childrens TV as you work away.

My here is bike riding through country lanes with you by my side.

My here is talking and laughing and playing each day.

My here is baking and creating and cloudless walks along coastal shores.

My here is learning and growing and knowing you more.

My here is you and our life and our family and our love.

My here is your here and your here is mine.

Our here.

You are my here. My home. My life.

You hold my heart.

My past and my future.

You are my here all the days of my life.

My here is your here. Your here is mine.

Our here is now.





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