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Five Minute Friday: Fall

by Hayley James07/06/2013



It's Friday again, which means one thing... another Five Minute Friday Post

How it works:

Write for 5 minutes on the given prompt, no editing, correcting or re-writing. Just five minutes, your thoughts and your keyboard.

This weeks theme is FALL, here's my contribution.


This week we’ve been looking at the theme of broken in our youth group. The idea of the post fall fall-out. Of how the world has gone so far off track from what God intended.

And it has hasn’t it?

I mean I shouldn’t have to hear about kids being hurt, or women being abused on trains or how another idiot with a gun has killed someone.

I shouldn’t have to hear about people with severe disabilities losing access to basic care, or that another of my friends is on anti-depressants, or that over 80,000 children in the UK of homeless – 80,000!!! And that’s just here! Of families not being able to feed themselves, or another school being put in to special measures.

It’s not right is it?

And my young people, they know only too well. Sometimes I think they see the truth of things better than I do. They see the brokenness I miss. And yet, they are not hopeless. They are not discouraged. Because they see a bigger God. They see a bigger Saviour. And they see hope. They see where God is moving and healing and putting right. They see restoration and transformation. They see what could be and what will be and what is already becoming. They see beauty and life and hope.

And couldn’t we all use a little of that? Couldn’t we all use a little hope? A little vision of where God is moving? A little expectancy of how things can be and how things will become?

And maybe, just maybe, we need a commitment to seeing those things transformed. Maybe we are part of the solution, maybe we are partners in the transformation and restoration that my young people believe will occur.




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