Hayley James

New Rhythms

by Hayley James22/09/2015

This phase of life current marks a new season for me; 3 months ago I had our second child and this month our eldest started school. I’m off work, comfortably into my maternity leave, juggling a new born, feeding, changing, sleep patterns, and a lively four year old with all the trappings that school life brings.  It’s a different phase than I’ve experienced before and it’s a different reality to the pre-school, one child, working mama life. It’s a season I’m loving and finding challenging in equal measure. And whilst things are in this period of transition (as often happens for me), I find myself questioning and exploring previously held beliefs and thought systems, as what I thought I knew shifts and changes and settles into new rhythms.

For right now this new rhythm is slower and more contemplative. It’s less rushed and there seems to be more time for life. Just life. In its simplest form. Time for being rather than doing. Time. Being. Slower.

And in the midst of this season I find God waiting, restoring, and guiding me to a new normal.

For the last couple of years I’ve been restless. Yearning for different, yearning for more, but not able to fully articulate the different and more I was in search of. Kind of like when you have a dream that leaves an impression but you can’t quite remember the content on waking. You can kind of feel round the edges, and the feeling it imparted is still with you, but you can’t seem to get a hold of it fully. It’s been like that for me these last years. Now I’m in this new phase and as I look back I see God has been guiding and leading me to this point without me even realising it. And right now in this new normal I feel at peace. I feel the beginnings of hope that those yearnings and longings may finally be fulfilled.

I feel content.

Right now.

Right here.


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